if you want to document abuse

face to face.

We have people trained to help you do that. No judgements, no pressure.

Our Trained Partners

Email us to find a trained partner in your area. If you cannot safely email us from your own computer, have someone email us on your behalf.

By Documenting your abuse, you help provide

  • Documentation for the timeline of abuse
  • Proof of Stalking
  • Abusers Profile
  • Suggested Custody Placement
  • Legal Defense Arguments of Hearsay


If you prefer to download the app, here’s a link. Once your submit the EAA, we will notarize and store it in case you need it

Until Now, victims have been told:

  • Report Abuse (but action is only taken if you can show evidence of the abuse)
  • Go to a shelter
  • Get a restraining order (but usually only granted if there is evidence of the abuse)
  • Move away (but leaving behind careers, family, and assets)
  • Stay with someone else
  • Stalking laws are often weak and poorly defined

This response does not help the victim ‘document’ the situations and specifics of abuse or the abuser. Outside of a police report or restraining order, documentation has still not occurred.

In a case of future serious injury, the victim goes missing, or is killed, nothing exists to link her to her story.

This is why we exist, to empower the victim to tell the story.